There are 100’s freelancing website where you can get work but here are top freelance sites of the most active and famous ones:

What is Freelancing?

Elance Find job. Deliver great work. Get paid for results.

Elance is one of the top freelance sites in the internet, many biggies post projects here, the freelancers and provider companies bids on the projects and client selects from a wide range of choices. There are close to 1,00,000 experts (or freelancers) in elance !! and more than 20k jobs are posted each month.

Guru Find freelancers for hire. get your projects done.

Guru is another biggest freelancing site, with more than 1,00,000+ freelancers, Guru boasts of patent pending rating system which provides a proper rating. it also has both free and premium membership based on categories of work which you’re willing to do.

ODeskGuaranteed work. Guaranteed Payment.

This site the second biggest freelancing site. It has both hourly and fixed rate jobs, hourly jobs are guaranteed payments, and time is logged via its own odesk team software which has multiplatform support. There are no membership fees !! you only have to pay 10% of your final payment, the best site for beginners.

iFreelance Do you?

Another great freelancing website to look out for. This is a very good site for starters. Jobs are regular but this is fully membership based site, membership starts at $4.69/month.

FreelanceSwitchEnvato’s own job board.

FreelanceSwitch is a new site, the best for developers and designers. The place is guaranteed to give you good payments for your hard work.

RentACoderHow software gets done.

Rent a coder is basically software development freelancing site, more than 2,00,000+ coders, rent a coder charges 15% fee of final payment. It’s one of the oldest freelance bidding sites.

99Designs Leading markerplace for logo design and more…

This one is mainly a design freelancing site, with a unique idea, where contests with winning amount are posted and freelancers show their designs and the winner takes it all. Not the right place for new freelancers.

CrowdSpring Global marketplace for creative services

The average projects get 85 to choose from!! Buyers set price, gets ridiculous amounts of selection, chooses one from it and pays the winner.

GetAFreelancer Online freelance jobs.

GAF has both paid and nonpaid plans, It’s an Australian company with over 1,00,000 verified users.