Because Search Engines is the most important way to get targeted traffic to your website, and Google search engine is the most important of all search engines. Google AdWord is the most important way to get targeted traffic to your website and the most efficient way.


Search Engines Traffic

Search engines traffic is the most important traffic because it is the most targeted traffic, people find your website using the search engines because they are looking for what you offer, there are so many other ways to get website traffic but they are not targeted. One targeted visitor is better than 100 untargeted visitors.


Why Google is the most important search engine?

All major search engines are very important but Google is the most important because Google receives

Around %50 of internet users’ searches, Yahoo %25, MSN %15, and all other search engines around %10. That means if you high ranked for a high requested keyword in Google that means you’ve got half of all internet users’ searches on your keyword.


Who receives Google Search engine free traffic?

When you do a search in Google you will find that there are millions websites are competing for this keyword, most the time only Top 10 websites receive Google targeted traffic for two reasons; people find what they seek in these websites and if they do not find what they seek they change the search query, normal people think that top 10 websites are better than the others that is why Google put them in the top but indeed Google put them in the top because these websites are optimized better and have better backlinks.


Google ADwords is to share top 10 websites their traffic

You create your ads to be listed on the search results: You create your ads Text with the keywords you want your ad to be shown when they requested.

Your ads appear on Google search results: When people search on Google using these words all ads related to these keywords including your ads will appear next to the search results ordered by they higher bids.

You Pay when you get customers: You pay only when people click your ad to visit your website or your web page.  Google offers you to have a webpage for free if you do not have one.


Google AdWords offers you: 

Get Targeted Visitors to your Business: When you advertise with Google Adword to people searching on Google you get the most targeted traffic to your website to make more sales and collect more customers.

Control your ad and money: You can edit your ads, the money you spend to get the required results. Google Adword gives you the ability to specify specific languages and geographic locations to attract certain customers if you want.

If you want to advertise online you will never find a better way than Google Adword and it give us the chance to make good money from the targeted traffic we receive that we can convert into money if we have good products and content.