What mystery shopper tools needs to organize his/her job are some free tools they can get them free online like e-mail address or some tools everyone own like cell-phone?


Tools mystery shopper needs to find mystery shopping companies
99% of mystery shopping companies list there assignments online so all what you need to find these companies is using the computer a few hours per week and internet connection.


Mystery shopper tools needs to sign up with the companies.
You need e-mail account to contact the companies you can get one free from yahoo mail, and you need to sign up with 100’s companies to get more assignments so you need to control 100’s accounts passwords and usernames. I recommend that you use roboform to manage your passwords it’s free and powerful.


Tools mystery shopper needs to prepare for the assignment.
You need computer and internet connection to get the assignment’s details and scenario, and you need also online map to verify the stores location and you can find it free online like Google map and Yahoo map.


Tool successful mystery shopper needs during the assignment.
You need a small notebook to write your notes and an audio recorded, you can use you cell-phone instead if your cell-phone has this function.


Tools mystery shopper needs to submit the reports.
You can use you e-mail address to submit your reports and if you use fax machine it will be better but it is not a must to use a fax machine to submit your report.


Tools mystery shopper needs to receive the money.
Mystery shopping companies pay in three ways; send money check to your P.O. Box payable to your name only in this case you need P.O. Box, send you money to your bank account in this case you need a bank account, or send you money online by paypal in this case you need paypal account and you can get free here.


Mystery shopper all tools

1- Using the computer few hours per week.
2- Using the internet few hours per week.
3- Free e-mail account.
4- Roboform to manage your accounts (optional).
5- Online direction map.
6- Small notebook.
7- Audio Recorder (optional).
8- Fax machine (optional).
9- P.O. Box (optional).
10- Bank account (optional).
11- Paypal account (optional).