We will try to bring every possible aspect which would help in this endeavor and make your task as easy as possible. Starting any business has its inherent problems and issues that would need to be sorted and doing so at the initial stages would hold you in good stead when the going gets tough.


This article should put everything that you need to know in the right context and once you have assimilated it you could decide whether graphic designing would be your kettle of fish. Graphic designing is generally an owner centered business endeavor with such person adept in the intricacies of its business. A person who has experience in the respective field would be the best person to handle such a business.


We will take you through the day to day activities of a graphic designing enterprise and as the owner you would need to know every aspect before you would embark on it. We will guide you through the potential market, expected growth, initial capital investment, legal requirements, marketing, and more to ensure that you would be comfortable once you kick start your business.


The business

The potential for graphic designing is immense with opportunities galore for those who have an eye for innovation. The areas that are open to a graphic designing business is not limited to only letter head, advertising signage, promotional materials, logo designs, website designing, and many more communication endeavors. Basically the owner of a graphic designing business would be well versed in most of what his company. He or she would work alone or with a couple of others and would have to endure and overcome when competition is thrown at him or her.


The owner should be able to generate new business contacts, promote the services, execute the tasks delegated, follow up, create a healthy platform to interact with the various clients, and be a “Jack of all trades”, if the business is to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


There is a very strong element of rapporteur that would need to be built with new clients and the old ones if the business is to flourish and that singular task would rest firmly on the owner’s shoulders. It is good relations and perfection to detail that would carry your business into success.


Getting off ground

It is imperative that you keep the costs down to the bare minimum when you start you graphic designing business. You could be a “One man show” till the business achieves some foothold in the market for which you could start alone and do all the groundwork by yourself. Employing another would add to the cost whilst also keeping you in the dark as to what really is going on out there on the field.


If you are in the thick of the action it would be to your advantage and could also improve on the short comings as the business grows. You would need to have the basics which are a compatible computer, auxiliaries and the required software to enable your work. There is countless software available with which you could execute your work and selecting the best for you would be your initial investment.


Supporting the business

You should endeavor to deliver quality material and on time. Delays in executing tasks would compel your clients to look elsewhere and once you lose a client of such an issue getting them back into your fold would be an arduous endeavor. You should only bite what you could chew and detest from taking work that you would not be able to deliver on schedule which would dent your reputation even before you begin. Take jobs that you would be comfortable in and ensure you provide exemplary service, creativeness, scheduled deliveries, and at reasonable cost. Till you build up your business you would need to accommodate your clients and ensure you offer quality before quantity.


You may have many clients but if you cannot satisfy them all the purpose of having a long list would be useless. Have a few and ensure prompt service and bring a smile on their faces and not disenchantment. You could work for reputed advertising agencies and create your own niche market which would help you in the long term. Top executives and employees in advertising agencies shift allegiance very quickly as there is a very big demand in the market for professionals in this industry. You could take advantage of this by keeping contacts with all and they would present you with work on a continuous basis.


Legal requirements

This is a very important aspect of any business and could change with geographical locations. What is law in one state may not be so in another hence prior to beginning operations ensure that you are aware of your legal obligations. Taxes have to be paid, licensing fees are expected to be paid up front, rental and many other requirements are part of owning a business and hence you should not any stone unturned if you are to avoid unnecessary legal complications.


Agreements have to designed to be mutually signed by you and your clients among a host of other documentation that are intricate in nature and would need the input of a legal brain.


Return on investment

If you could keep your expenses down to the minimum you could enjoy a higher return on investment. Graphic designers are generally paid by the hour for the work that they do but you could decide on the best option for you and charge your clients a flat fee to complete a task. This would entirely depend on what you and your client would discuss and agree on before taking up a task.


On a positive note most graphic designers who have stepped into this industry especially with the barest of investment are doing well after a few years. There is nothing to stop you too from doing so but it would need a high level of competency, dedication, perseverance, and hard work.

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