Prehistoric humans drew on cave walls and other spaces whatever they wanted to express from within themselves. Thereafter came the age of paintings which is still a practice that some take a liking to. A few decades back it was photographs that were captured of special occasions which were preserved for posterity. Though photographs are still cherished universally, watching recorded action of special moments on video is preferred by many. Hence the trend has changed and videography has taken center stage with many if not all events being recorded live. Therefore, today the question “How to start a video production business?” is still quite relevant.


Video production is a multibillion dollar industry and it has opened avenues for everyone who has some experience in it to dip their fingers into this lucrative till. It could be any event stretching from birthday parties, to private social gatherings, weddings, corporate events and the list would be endless. If you are thinking how to start a video production business it would be imperative that you consider the following points, so that you get off on the right note and reap success along the way.


The best way to start a video production business would be to personally be totally involved which would give you better returns by cutting costs and other time on other auxiliary issues. Generally a video production operation would begin with two owner employees which would give a better insight into everything that takes place until such time that you get off the ground.


Competition is severe in the video production business hence keeping your activities close to your chest would be the ideal strategy in your initial foray to make your own indelible mark.


Start a Video Production Business by those Simple Steps

  1. Write your business plan

You cannot put all your eggs in one basket hence select in what type of sector you would concentrate in and work within it. If you try to do all types of events you could be stretched too far and when activities hot up, and you get a string of orders coping with the influx could be difficult.

Once you have selected the sectors you would be comfortable in write your business plan to suit it. Your contacts in the public domain would be a good step to move forward where you could draw on them once you have started. Your personal experience in the business would be the focal point in your business plan.


  1. Set up your company

Get the necessary paperwork completed, which are necessities, if you are to set up any type of business. Obtain the required tax liabilities sorted out, or the IRS could call on you. All your documents should be in perfect order so that you could work towards your success without external factors disturbing you.

There are many important aspects that you need to learn before you start a video production business. These aspects may vary from one jurisdiction to another. Get all the necessary information and ensure that you comply within everything. This is a very important requirement and you would need to be within the laws of the state that you are based in and that cannot be compromised.


  1. Get your equipment

List out all the equipment you would need and collate what you already have. You may be able to purchase equipment that you would need from large production houses which would be upgrading and you could get at very attractive prices. This would give your initial investment a breathing space.


  1. Go online

Everybody selling any service or product could be found online and you too would need to do so. Customers would generally look online for what they want and your presence online would keep you in contention to be found and engage with them. Design a good website which would draw customers to you which should provide information attractively to them and entice them to engage with you.


  1. Compile a sample

If you have any video material that you have produced, use them and compile a sample video which should be your passport to your customer’s heart. It should be impressive and project what you are capable of hence it should be par excellence. Don’t forget that your competition too would have their own videos so yours should be impeccable to draw your customer towards you.

Make copies of your sample video which would be a good advertising strategy which could help to sway customers towards you when the competition gets stronger. Take time on this because this would be your ticket to stardom and if you could produce a sample that would be just the best you could lay back and reap its benefits.


  1. List your services with prices

Customers are interested to know firsthand as to what they would be paying for your services and a competitive price list of all your services would allow them to peruse with your competition and revert to you. Be frank in dealing with your customers because it is word of mouth that is the best advertising medium which would propel you to success. Do not trick your customers because that would be the last time you would be doing business with them.

If they are unsatisfied it could boomerang on you and take away other potential customers away. Keep everything onboard and be open and transparent which would be advantageous to your business.


  1. Produce good material

The videography that you would produce for your customers should be exemplary and create waves on all those who would watch it. This is what would bring you success hence avoid cutting corners and produce the best to keep up your reputation in the market.

Innovation is what customers would generally look at and if you could match their aspirations then the sky could be the limit for you. Take every detail into account and ensure that you keep your customers happy. Discuss their requirements and needs along the way before during and after which would help you to look into their minds and ensure you produce exactly what they would want.

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