Whether you’re a brand successful mystery shopper or a seasoned vet, it’s always good to start with the basics!
As any other job there are some tips and characteristics make some people better than the others, make them more successful, more reliable, and more money maker. Get these tips to make sure that you do your job requirements in a perfect way and no one do better than you do.


How to be successful mystery shopper?

1- No Body must know that you are successful mystery shopper.

You must behave as a regular customer and do not do anything makes the employees suspect on you and think that you are not there to buy products, do not bring with you and form, sheet, or tool that normally customers do not bring. Be a normal customer.


2- Your information must remain confident.
When you accept to take an assignment you will receive the assignment information, you might look for more details and information, and when you do the assignment you will collect a lot of information, all these information must remain confident, secret, and not to share with anyone.


3- Manage your time.
Because time is money you are the only person responsible about managing your assignments and making sure that you have time for each assignment you get. It’s very important that you choose the assignments upon your spare time and leave some time in between the assignments as a precaution of any unexpected delay.


4- Manage you money budget.
Choose your assignments in professional way to get the max profit of this job. As I mentioned above that you will get paid from $10 to $20 to do some assignments and you will get paid more to do others but for each assignment you have to spend a certain time to make the assignment done, you have to choose your assignments upon the nature of the assignment, the time required, and the rate that you will be paid for it, doing 10 short assignments within five, six hours and get paid from $10 to $20 for each is better that doing two long assignments from $35 to $ 75.


5- Check your e-mail frequently.
Some companies send you the available assignments via e-mail, and after you accept to do an assignment you might receive an update on this assignment or a new thing you have to do, check you e-mail frequently to make sure that you understand very well what to do, when to do, and how to do.


6- Accuracy in reporting.
Submit only what you are sure of and do not include anything you are not sure of, when you mention something you have to support it with facts have been written in full and accurate details. If you reported that an employee was rude with customers describe exactly what he did in accurate description. If you went to eat in a restaurant and it took a long time to be served say exactly how much time you had to wait to get the food and say precisely from what time you have waited to what time.


7- Be patient and do not feel that you are in duty.
Some assignments have specific scenario that you have to wait for meeting a person or you have to buy a product and this product will be available after a while you have to wait for this product to make the assignment accomplished, in this case do not feel that you are in unpaid duty and it is supposed to complete the assignment faster. Give enough time to complete the assignment in the right way even if you have been delayed a while.


8- Observe in mystery way what real customers do not see.
You have to observe the environment inside the shop and try to know if there is anything abnormal about the employees, the material, the cleanness, the satisfaction of the customers, or anything you do not feel it normal. You have to report anything abnormal supported by facts written in full details.


9- Submit all details.
When you report anything you have to submit it in full details and try to make the situation as much as you can clear, easy to understand, and imaginable to make your report very accurate and valuable. Without accurate details the situation will not be clear to the management who hires you and pays you money to do this assignment that’s why your assignment will be refused without accurate details which describe everything you saw, heard, or felt. Without sufficient details your repot is not important and you do not deserve to be paid because you did not submit the important feedback that the management is looking for.


10- Organize your job.
If you think that you are your own boss in this job because you work the time you want and the assignments you choose with the companies that you desire, yes that is right but that does not mean that this job dose not need management and organizing. You have to
Organize your time when you:
Choose the companies you want to work with.
Choose the assignments you want to do.
Do the assignments you have chosen.
Submit your reports after finishing the assignments.
Wait for your payments.


11- Write proper reports.
Before you submit you report you have to make sure that your report has all required information and details, clear, free of mistakes, formal, and presentable. You have to make sure that the management feels that you do the assignments in a professional way, and you deal with this job as your full-time job that you count on in your life. You have to know that how assign you does not know you or know anything about you until you submit your report, when you submit your report and they read it, they start knowing you and knowing your personality so make sure that your report shows respect to the assignment.


12- Committed in doing the assignments and submitting reports.
Before you accept an assignment you will get the time of doing it and the time frame that you have to submit report during it, be committed with this time do not be late on the assignments or submitting your report, you might think that 10 minutes do not make difference but in fact they make difference.


Mystery Shopping TipsYou do not submit your opinion unless if they asked you, you submit only what happened in full details, do not mention something not supported by details, do not submit something you did not see or hear, do not submit something you are not hundred percent sure in. submit what you saw, what you heard, and what you met. If they asked you about your opinion or about how you felt now you can write extra thing with mentioning that you are not sure.


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